2022 AIMA Conference – Speaker Presentations

A huge thank you to our wonderful speakers at the 2022 AIMA Conference.

The speakers below have agreed to kindly share their presentations with attendees:

Dr Marc Cohen – Extreme Wellness: Building Resilience Through Exploring the Edge of Comfort

Dr Michelle Woolhouse – Understanding the Drivers of Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout, and How to Support Patients in Putting the Brakes On

Dr Cliff Harvey – Nutritional Strategies for Post-COVID Syndrome: Evidence-based nutrition and supplement interventions to mitigate Long-COVID

Associate Professor John Stevens – A practice revolution with shared medical appointments (aka group consultations and/or medical yarn ups) in practice

Dr Stefan Schuster – Botanicals in treating Cancer. How can molecular profiling and chemosensitivity help

Rachel Arthur – Having the Conversation About ‘How’ – Patient-Centred Prescriptions

Dr Tim Ewer – How to improve memory: A review of nootropics & other options for MCI and TBI