Advocating for Integrative Medicine in Covid-19

IM Treatments an essential part of Covid-19 treatment
Following are some talking points you can use in writing your letters to your health ministers.  Remember to personalise this – we all need to be telling politicians our unique stories.

Key points to include in letter to ministers/politicians.

  • I am writing as a doctor/health professional
  • Thank you for your fast response to the Covid-19 pandemic
  • Now the initial crisis is over it’s time to consider how we move forward to build immunity and resilience within our communities


  • I am an integrative doctor/health professional
  • Integrative medicine takes a systems-based approach to health.  It sees the patient as an individual but also considers the social and environmental determinants of a patient’s health
  • Integrative Medicine doctors/practitioners work to prevent illness, to restore our patients to health rather than to just treat symptoms


  • Integrative Medicine has an important part to play in the fight against viruses including Covid-19
  • There is evidence that several integrative medicine treatments may be effective in the treatment of viruses including novel Coronaviruses although you’ll appreciate that Covid-19 studies are limited because of the newness of the virus.
  • My experience as a doctor/practitioner shows me that the following treatments may be effective in building immunity and reducing the severity of viral symptoms
    • zinc
    • vitamin C
    • vitamin D
  • I have provided references as appropriate


  • Thank you for your consideration


Who to send it to

Prime Minister
Health Minister
Shadow Health Minister
Local MP

You can find them here