AIMA Auckland Monthly Meeting – November 2021

AIMA is delighted to invite you to our next AIMA Auckland Monthly Meeting which will now take place in November (rather than October, when we had originally planned).

Best-in-Class Functional Testing to Improve Patient Outcomes with Libby de Franco from FxMed

The benefits of Antigen & Complement testing combined and an overview of one of the most comprehensive stool tests currently available.

When:   Wednesday 17th November 2021. Arrive 7 pm for networking and light refreshments, the presentation starts at 7.30 pm and concludes at 8.30 pm.

Where:  Marcellin Room, St Columba Centre, 40 Vermont St, Ponsonby – parking available onsite behind the Centre.

Tickets: $20 or $10 for students (drinks and light refreshments included). This is an in-person event.  Tickets must be pre-booked. Click here to purchase. The session will be filmed and ticket holders will receive an email after the event with a link to the recording along with presentation notes.

Research shows immunoglobin G (IgG) reactions to food occur in over 80% of the population. IgG reactions are hard to detect due to being delayed, taking days to occur. The types of symptoms are not often commonly associated with food reactions, including: headaches, joint pain, insomnia, cravings and fatigue. These reactions can significantly impact gut health, causing gut permeability and insufficient IgA. If a food causes both an IgG reaction and a complement reaction, inflammation in the body multiples from 1,000-10,000 times. KBMO’s Food Inflammation Test and Precision Point’s Precision Allergy 88 combine both, testing for food reactions and the resulting inflammation. Precision Allergy 88 contains IgG and complement markers, in addition to “true allergy” IgE reactions and IgG4, which can effectively block IgE allergies. KBMO’s FIT 132 contains spices, including some commonly used therapeutic agents like turmeric, peppermint, and ginger that are intended to help, but that may actually be causing inflammation in the body.

The GI360 by Doctors Data Inc is a best-in-class complete gut panel, using multiple methodologies to include the gold standard in each area. It uses scientifically validated PCR probes, culture, parasitology via microscopy and stool chemistries. It provides innovation with its microbial abundance map, showing a user-friendly graph that brings the microbial community alive to practitioners and clients, using PCR technology. It uses MALDI-TOF to identify cultured pathogens, and then subjects them to antimicrobial susceptibility testing—so you can know for sure which anti-microbial agents would be useful for any infections found. It uses both PCR and microscopy to detect parasitic infections, and uses both PCR and culture to detect bacterial infections. It provides information that is clinically relevant and clinically applicable to target treatment, improve patient results, and save both you and your patient effort, money, and time.

This talk will include time for questions and answers and we will have representatives from FxMed available to share their wealth of knowledge.

We look forward to catching up soon!


About Libby de Franco, BSc NatMed

Libby is passionate about how functional testing can pinpoint the root causes of medical issues and provide specificity in treatment protocols for better patient outcomes, saving time, energy, money, and reducing symptoms faster.

With a background in medical laboratory science, emergency medicine, and mental health services, Libby came to functional medicine when she realised that much of what drives wellness is supporting the holistic picture of health.  A naturopath and medical herbalist with a keen interest in combining the best of western and traditional medicine, she enjoys teaching and supporting practitioners to understand and use functional testing in practice.

Libby works as a Functional Testing Practitioner Consultant at FxMed and is available to support Practitioners with testing overviews, interpretations and helping Practitioners work out the best test to use for a patient.  Contact [email protected] to book in a free half hour appointment with Libby Tuesdays – Thursdays.