AIMA Conference 2020 – Speaker Presentations

A huge thank you to our wonderful speakers at AIMA Conference 2020 who have kindly shared their presentations with attendees below:


Jude Currivan:Real-ativity-how to make a Universe – For more information, go to and read her book “The Cosmic Hologram”

Rachel Arthur: The Power & Place of Integrative Medicine in 2020

Kiran Krishnan: Glyphosate in the pediatric microbiome

Denise Furness: Methylation and environmental toxins

Robin Kelly: 5G and existing radio waves – a health update

Christine Houghton: Restoring Gut Ecology – a focus beyond antimicrobials and probiotics

Julia Rucklidge: Our latest research on nutrition for mental health

Kamal Karl: Mitochondrial health

Sandeep Gupta: Understanding and treating mast cell activation syndrome– NB: some of the slides in Sandeep’s presentation are from Dr. Shoemaker and may carry his copyright


Sandeep Gupta: Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome

Matthew Whitacre: Biofeedback for personal, patient and planetary wellness

Leila Masson: The latest of Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections

Morella Lascurain:How to stop your clients from emotional eating