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BioCeuticals is Australia’s leading provider of practitioner only nutritional and therapeutic supplements. As a progressive force in integrative health, BioCeuticals believes practitioner advice is key to optimal health treatment outcomes. 

BioCeuticals is dedicated to allied healthcare professionals and is committed to research, functional formulas and practitioner support programs.  Our brand is guided by the principles of quality, innovation and integrity, and our products are based on naturopathic and evidence- based medicine. 

Leaders in innovative supplements, integrative health, research and practitioner support.  





For more than 80 years Blackmores has been a leader in developing and marketing products and services that deliver a more natural approach to health, based on our expertise in nutritional and herbal medicine.  Our products are made to exacting requirements using a combination of scientific evidence and hundreds of years of traditional knowledge.  Our high quality products, free naturopathic advisory service and award-winning website are among the many reasons Blackmores is the most trusted name in natural health

Blackmores has a strong commitment to supporting the quality use of complementary medicines by healthcare professionals.  We work with some of Australia’s leading education and research bodies, supporting a wide range of complementary medicine research, along with offering accredited education to healthcare professionals.



 Blackmores Institute is the academic and professional arm of Blackmores. As an organisation it generates, gathers and shares evidence-based knowledge about natural health and medicine.


Blackmores Institute brings together the best minds in natural medicine by working with a range of leading universities, research bodies and thought leaders to evaluate current research and information about complementary medicine.  Its purpose is to share this evidence-based information about natural health with the wider community of healthcare professionals and researchers to improve the quality use of complementary medicine, thereby supporting improved health outcomes for the community.




 At Kingsway Compounding we make unique medications, in conjunction with the practitioner that are specific for your patients needs. The “art” of making unique personal medications is called Compounding. Using a biomedical approach we specialise in compounding personalised vitamins, minerals, amino acids, antioxidants, HRT and Chelation formulations and can reformulate conventional medicines to suit patient taste, dose, delivery route, form, etc. In our specialised compounding premises, we use pharmaceutical grade raw materials from GMP approved manufactures that comply with USP/BP/EP/JP specifications to produce high quality and efficacious compounded products. Talk to our professional qualified staff for your patients individualised treatment needs; we may just have the solution you have been looking for...”Customised medicines for your individual needs”.




 At Swisse, we are passionate about three things: health, happiness and wellbeing. 


We believe that the way you live has a direct impact on the enjoyment you get out of life. We believe in celebrating life every day!


Started in Melbourne in 1972, we remain a local business and are going global, exporting our high quality products across the world. At the core of our philosophy is a belief that the conventional approach to health can be improved upon. 


We believe that people should focus on maintaining and sustaining their wellness, rather than only seeking help when their health is suffering. We also believe that wellness is linked to how we spend our time, what we put into our bodies, and how we approach life. Positive thinking, positive relationships, healthy food and healthy activities are all part of living a healthy, happy life. 


We also believe in the need for science and evidence behind wellness products and have invested $6.9million in the last 3 years into Research and Development across our products.  

On top of the published clinical trials using Swisse formulas, researchers at Swinburne University have also published two meta-analyses looking at the effect of multivitamin-multimineral use of cognitive function and mortality. 


A significant research program is underway to broaden and deepen the evidence base on our range over the next 5 years and we would be pleased to discuss the current and future research program with you:

[email protected]




 n the field of Nutritional and Natural medicines, InterClinical Laboratories is one of Australia’s leading practitioner aligned companies. 

We aim to improve and make a difference in people’s lives by delivering high quality and trusted healthcare solutions based on scientific evidence.


We offer a range of advanced and original supplements that are formulated by a team of skilled researchers, practitioners and technicians in the fields of complementary, herbal and nutritional medicine. 


We pride ourselves on the purity of our formulations, ensuring each product is created from high quality, bio-available, easily digested ingredients. 

InterClinical Laboratories is an Australian owned company and all ICL Health products are proudly Australian made.



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