AIMA Auckland Monthly Meetings offer doctors, health practitioners and students the opportunity to chat and network with others in the integrative medicine community over light refreshments and a presentation on a topic of interest. The meetings are hosted in a central Auckland location and usually run from 7-8.30pm. Watch this space for information about our next meeting!

Previous AIMA Auckland Monthly Meetings:

  • Wednesday 27th February 2019:  Dr. Jacques Imbeau – General Dental Practitioner presents “Zirconia Ceramic Dental Implants”
  • Wednesday 27th March 2019:  Dr. Helen Smith – Holistic GP presents “A series of interesting cases”
  • Thursday 30th May 2019: Dr. Steve Joe – Integrative Medicine GP presents “A closer look at mould”
  • Wednesday 3rd July 2019:  Dina Ceniza – Breathing Specialist presents “Chronic Hyperventilation Syndrome, a hidden epidemic”
  • Wednesday 28th August 2019: Martin Harris – Leading Pharmacist and Nutrition Medicine Expert presents “Dopamine: The Forgotten Neurotransmitter In Mood, Motivation and Sleep”
  • Tuesday 24th September 2019:   Sharon Erdrich – Nutritionist presents “Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Is it all in their heads?”
  • Thursday 24th October 2019: Robin Kelly, Nigel Gavin, and Sonia Harnett present “A Musical Event: In the Footsteps of the Forgotten”
  • Thursday 28th November 2019: Adri Ferreira – Naturopath, Nutritionist and Tech Sales Manager at Nutrisearch presents “Using Functional Testing to crack my most difficult case”
  • Wednesday 13th February 2020: Dr. Yvonne Vannoort – Integrative Dentist presents “Integrative Dentistry – achieving the best results for our clients together”
  • Wednesday 1 April 2020: Learning to Live a Good Life with Dr Morella Lascurain and Amy Shipley
  • Thursday 10 December 2020: AIMA Christmas Event – A Celebration of Music and its power to heal with Dr Robin Kelly and musicians Sonia Wilson and Nigel Gavin
  • Wednesday 7th July 2021: Special Relaunch event in conjunction with Nutrisearch and Cell Logic: “Modulating Gut Ecology – a powerful strategy linking the Gut-Immune Interface to Acute and Chronic Disease” with Rob Thomas (Cell Logic) and Adri Ferreira (Nutrisearch)
  • Thursday 5th August: A guided tour of The Life Centre, Auckland, NZ with Adonia Wylie, Director of the Life Centre