FIMA Grandparenting Process

Welcome to the grandparenting process for Board of Integrative Medicine Australasia’s Fellowship in IM.

Over the past 30 years integrative medicine has been pioneered by a group of committed, self-directed doctors who have been practicing and developing integrative medicine without the benefit of a defined educational pathway.  As BIMA formalises the skills, attributes and training required to be an integrative doctor want to ensure that the contribution and skills of this cohort of doctors be properly recognised, that they be given the opportunity to apply for the Fellowship in IM through recognition of prior learning and assessment against the domains of IM practice.  This grandparenting process allows these highly skilled doctors to apply for the fellowship before formal educational qualifications become mandatory.  This grandparenting process will be open for two years from November 2022 – December 2024.

To be eligible for grandparenting you must:

  • be an AIMA member
  • have been practising as a doctor for over 10 years
  • have been practising integrative medicine for over 5 years

If you are eligible you can start the grandparenting process by paying the application fee here.

The Grandparenting Process

We have identified 6 domains of practice which grandparented candidates for the Fellowship in Integrative medicine must meet before being recognised by the Board of Integrative Medicine Australasia (BIMA) as Integrative Medicine Specialists.

The application for each domain is available by clicking the link below.  On payment of the appropriate fee you will be sent the password to access the application forms.

Domain 1

BIMA has identified 14 core realms of practice for integrative medicine doctors.  This section of the application process is your opportunity to tell us about your skills and experience in relation to these realms of practice.

Application fee: AUD$500 (incl GST)
Application form: Click Here

Domain 2

BIMA has identified 8 Attributes and Abilities for IM doctors and practitioners.

The expression and implementation of attributes 1 – 6 in your medical practice will be assessed in this domain.

Domain 2 Application form: Click here

Domain 3

This domain where we assess your qualifications, formal and informal education in integrative medicine.  This assessment includes completing a survey of the education course you have successfully completed and attaching relevant documentation such as diplomas, attendance certificates etc.

Domain 3 Application form: click here

Domain 4

This domain is to acknowledge leadership and contribution to developing and promoting the practice of IM in Australasia.

Candidates will be assessed by a survey and a short written statement.

Domain 4 Application form: click here

Domain 5

Doctor and practitioner health and wellbeing is essential to a safe and sustainable practice.  We cannot look after our patients if we have not first looked after ourselves.  This domain provides the opportunity for you to reflect on your health, your work life balance and your commitment to self-care.  Within this domain you have the opportunity to work with an HCANZA health coach to explore your options for change.

Domain 5 Application form: click here

Domain 6

To maintain your fellowship you will need to undertake CPD/ongoing education.

This domain asks you to consider areas where education and training could enhance or expand your skills, improve patient safety and develop your integrative medicine practice.

Domain 6 Application form: click here

The fee structure for grandparenting into FIMA is:

Phase 1 – eligibility assessment application $500

Phase 2 – providing the evidence to support your application $1,500

Phase 3 – consideration for acceptance into FIMA by the Board of IM $500

All amounts are in AUD and include GST.  GST is not applicable for non-Australian residents.

You can pay your eligibility assessment application fee here.

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