The Fellowship in Integrative Medicine Australasia (FIMA) trains and certifies doctors and practitioners as Integrative Medicine Specialists.

FIMA is a rigorous qualification which assess applicants across five domains:

  • Integrative medicine education
  • Applying integrative medicine in clinical practice
  • Commitment to self-reflection, growth and self-care
  • Contribution to integrative medicine
  • Commitment to lifelong learning

In November 2022 grandparenting into FIMA was launched (click here for more information) to recognise the skills and contribution of medical leaders in IM.  Grandparenting is open to doctors who have been practising medicine for over 10 years and practising integrative medicine for over 5 years.  This process will close in December 2024.

In mid 2023 the Fellowship will be open for all appropriately qualified candidates.  This includes doctors, naturopaths registered with a body recognized by WNF, AHPRA registered health professionals (and equivalent in NZ).

To apply for grandparenting into FIMA click here.