Game and prizes


Conference attendees had the chance to win from a fantastic line-up of prizes including an Apple iPad Mini 2020 (32GB – valued at AU$500) and some incredibly generous offers from our sponsors.

The platform automatically gave points for  interactions as per the activities listed below:

  • Attend a live session (100 per session)
  • Upload a photo to your profile (1000)
  • Fill in the About Me section of our personal profile  (1000)
  • Participate in a live Q&A by posting a question (500 per session)
  • Visit one of our exhibitors at their virtual booth (2000 points per booth visit)
  • Meet with an exhibitor through live chat or video chat (4000 points per meeting)
  • Set up a live chat with another delegate in the Networking Hub  (500 points per live chat)
  • View a pre-recorded/on-demand presentation (points per view) (100 per session)
  • Participate in an experiential session in the Wellness Area (100 per session)
  • BONUS – Visit every exhibitors booth (10,000)

Points were tallied and available to view from the small icon next to the Personal Profile icon in the top right-hand side of the screen.

Here’s a breakdown of the prize winners:


Prize Donated by Awarded for Valued at Winner
Apple iPad Mini 2020 Awarded to the attendee with the most points accumulated by the end of the conference $AUD500


G Bradshaw
$50 cash Spot prize randomly selected for student who attends the Student Meeting on Sunday at 12.15pm $AUD50 C McLean


NutriPATH Test Complete Microbiome Mapping Kit Code 2206  also a book called “Gut Reloaded” by Dr Paul Froomes


Awarded to the attendee who has watched the most exhibitor booth videos by the end of Saturday $NZD549.50 + $NZD26.75 S Roigard


$200 Nutrisearch Voucher Awarded to the attendee with the most live chats with Exhibitors by 2.30pm AEDT on Saturday


$NZD200 H Phillips


$100 Voucher Awarded to the attendee who has viewed the most exhibitor resource links by 2pm on Sunday $NZD100 K Dunstall


RN Labs Prize Pack including RN Labs Lipotropex Powder & BioActive B Complex caps, Nordic Naturals ProOmega soft-gels, The Anti-inflammatory Book, a $25 Education Voucher, and an organic lip-balm. Spot prize randomly awarded to attendee from top ten on the tally board at 2pm on Saturday Approx $AUD130 K Dunstall


G.E.M.M Practitioner training course and G.E.M.M 2-part follow up training course


Randomly awarded from top ten on the tally board at 12:30 on Sunday 4 hour Course valued at $AUD99

Follow up course valued at $AUD49

Total value $148

N Calderon-Hunt


NutriPATH Organic Acids Metabolic and Environmental Pollutant Panel 4017


 Randomly awarded to person in top 10 point scorers at end of conference Valued at $NZD549.50 J Imbeau
Microbiome Labs – Total Gut Restoration package Includes protocol, megasporebiotic, megapre and megamucosa


BioCeuticals Clinical Services Wellbeing Bundle (Focuses on 60 genetic variants, including all available profiles to offer extensive insight into methylation, detoxification, endocrinology, neurotransmission, oxidative stress and nutrient metabolism.








Awarded at random to two attendees who completes our Feedback Survey  

Microbiome prize @200 + BioCeuticals Prize $299

C McLean (Microbiome Labs prize)


K Shields (BioCeuticals prize)