How to write a letter to politicians

We are calling on all doctors, practitioners and patients to write to their political representative to lobby for integrative medicine to be embedded in the health policy of our state/nation.

For letters to be effective they should be personalised – with the voice and experience of the letter writer informing the content.  However, following are some handy hints on writing to our legislators.

Your letter should include the following:

Who you are

  • your credentials as a doctor/practitioner
  • your experience as a doctor/practitioner
  • your story as a patient

What you are asking for

  • integrative medicine to be embedded in the health policy of the state/nation
  • a specific treatment to be used for COVID-19 response
  • the minister to meet with AIMA/ACNEM
  • local member to speak with the minister to support IM

Why the government should act

  • for population health and wellbeing
  • to combat the rising tide of chronic disease
  • because IM is specialised in treating disease with an inflammatory component
  • because IM offers cost effective medicine
  • because IM has wide community support but this is not reflected in health policy

Evidence to support your request

  • there is a range of evidence available around COVID-19 here
  • tell your powerful individual story

Who to send your letter to

You can find a list of health ministers and links to parliamentarians here

You can also use our open letter for inspiration.  You can find it here

You can find the responses we’ve received to the open letter here

We’d love to hear from you when you’ve written to your representative.

So drop us a line at [email protected]

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