Integrative Cancer Care – Challenges and Possibilities – free 1-month trial!

Integrative Cancer Care – Challenges and Possibilities – free 1-month trial!

AIMA members are invited to join a case-based educational meeting series, with the first month at no charge.

This independent education is being hosted by the Natural Health Science Foundation (NHSF), a non-commercial New York based not-for-profit organisation.

The NHSF Grand Rounds meeting entitled “Integrative Cancer Care – Challenges and Possibilities”  is at 6pm AEDT/8pm NZ time on Tuesday 28th September.

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Dr Nicky Baillie

In this meeting, Dr Nicky Baillie will be presenting an interesting cancer patient case and will explore broader ethical issues, supporting the patient and collaboration with specialists. It is planned to prepare questions for specialist input, with Dr Ian Byard an oncologist and A/Prof Judith Lacey an integrative cancer specialist invited to provide input.

Since starting the series in October last year, over 150 practitioners have attended the NHSF Grand Rounds events. Grand Rounds feature a detailed review of the decision-making process, latest evidence on interventions, practical guidance on interprofessional communication and Q&A for the audience to participate. Following the meeting, handouts with practical tools, video and audio of content, video interviews with experts and certificates for 2h CPD are provided. Click on the image below to see what is available for paid subscribers.




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As an AIMA member, you are eligible for a free 1-month trial if you subscribe before midnight on Sunday 26th September. To access this, click here.