Interprofessional Communications – Public Consultation

The AIMA interprofessional communications working group has developed a set of resources to help improve communication between healthcare practitioners. This set of resources – a series of letter writing templates and a rationale around their use – is now being circulated for public consultation.

AIMA is seeking the views of healthcare practitioners, students, professional bodies and associations, health services, patient advocates and the public.

Your feedback will be used to hone and improve this important communications resource.  To participate either anonymously or confidentially in this public consultation click here.

All feedback is considered confidential and there is the option for anonymous feedback. Pending your consent, (deidentified) feedback will also be used in a study titled: “Interprofessional communication – effective letter writing” led by AIMA Board Member, Dr Joanna Harnett at The University of Sydney School of Pharmacy, Faculty of Medicine and Health.

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