Integrative/holistic medical practice for sale in Auckland, New Zealand

Integrative/holistic medical practice for sale in Auckland, New Zealand :  A rare opportunity for an integrative GP to take over a well-established practice offering holistic family-centred care.

Auckland Integrative Medical Centre (AIMC) consists of 1660 patients, two doctors (1.2FTE), nurses and a practice manager.  AIMC is part of “Mother-well”, a very supportive and friendly multi-disciplinary team of naturopaths, acupuncturists, osteopaths, counsellors, and other mind-body health practitioners.

 Dr. Jan Raymond  has developed AIMC over 28 years, a stable population of  families who want holistic care and take responsibility for their health.

While retiring from practice ownership, Jan is willing to work a reduced (locum) capacity to provide both teaching of her extensive integrative knowledge and mentorship in practice management. 

Desirably located, central Auckland provides a wide range of entertainment, cultural offerings and is surrounded by safe swimming beaches, volcanic mountain parks, native bushwalks, and easily accessible surf beaches. 

New Zealand is a beautiful country (currently Covid free), easily travelled, with unspoiled beaches, a multitude of sports, spectacular mountains, breathtaking scenery, tramping, cycling, etc. 

Interested in this fantastic opportunity for a very interesting, rewarding practice with collegial support in a beautiful location?  Please contact [email protected]  

 Jo |  November 22, 2020