Cerebral Palsy Australia is the national peak body of organisations that work with people with cerebral palsy and people with similar disabilities and their carers. 

Since 1952, Cerebral Palsy Australia (formerly known as CP Australia and the Australian Cerebral Palsy Association) has provided a national voice for cerebral palsy awareness

Furthermore, Cerebral Palsy Australia has positively contributed to the community through research and service development for children and adults with cerebral palsy. 





The Cochrane Collaboration is an international non-profit and independent organization, dedicated to making up-to-date, accurate information about the effects of health care readily available worldwide. It produces and disseminates systematic reviews of health care interventions and promotes the search for evidence in the form of clinical trials and other studies of interventions. The Cochrane Collaboration was founded in 1993 and named for the British epidemiologist, Archie Cochrane.. The major product of the Collaboration is the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews which is published quarterly as part of The Cochrane Library.


Those who prepare the reviews are mostly health care professionals who volunteer to work in one of the many Collaborative Review Groups, with editorial teams overseeing the preparation and maintenance of the reviews, as well as application of the rigorous quality standards for which Cochrane Reviews have become known.




In authoring the content for this site my main concern was to help men and their families to better understand the disease and treatment options. I have spent over twenty years researching and treating prostate cancer. In that time I have performed the largest series of nerve sparing radical prostatectomy surgeries (the majority of which are now being performed robotically) and brachytherapies in Australasia...............…read more.






The Gawler Cancer Foundation is a not for profit, non denominttional organisation, that promotes a holistic and integrative approach to health and wellbeing. For over 30 years our foundation has been helping thousands of people improve their quality of life following cancer diagnosis, through the delivery of liefestyle education, guidance and support at our programs. Set on 40 acres of stunning bushland, our Yarra Valley Living Centre hosts a range of healing and general wellbeing retreats, based around our 7 Essential Elements: Meditation, Nutrition, Support, Moderate Exercise, Emontional Healing, Power of the Mind and Quest for Meaning.


Contact: The Gawler Foundation:             61 3 5967-1730     




Now more than ever, Australian children need effective health care from biomedical clinicians. Autism now effects 1 in 160, ADHD 1 in 9, Asthma 1 in 4 and allergies 1 in 5.


Mindd Foundation is working to grow the movement for effective health care by expediting important information to families on effective biomedical and integrative treatments that help children reach their full potential both mentally and physically. It has reached tens of thousands of Australians over the past 5 years and trained over 1100 professionals with 4 International Forums On Children, 45 seminars, presence at dozens of expos, stories in the media and distribution of books and information on-line.


Dozens of video clips on MinddTV feature parents detailing Recovery Stories and world experts on Biomedicine and Integrative treatments. This content supports clinicians by providing them information as well as supporting compliance in patients.


MF helps provide cutting edge research to the professional communities through partnerships with Defeat Autism Now! and Autism Research Institute.  Accreditation with the Royal College of General Practitioners also helps Mindd spread the word to professionals who are seeing too many children in need of early intervention.


MF plans for 2010 include a rollout of Mindd practitioner training in key cities across Australia, a revamped website and local Mindd chapters to provide education and support.


Moving forward, Mindd needs biomedical practitioners to support its key mission of fast-tracking effective treatments to children in critical neuro-developmental periods.    This requires specific biomedical training as well as a knowledge of who to refer out to for neuro and behavioural therapies.


For more information on Mindd seminars in 2010, visit or phone (02) 9337 3600  .

MINDD Foundation, PO Box 151 Vaucluse, NSW 2030 Australia
T:+61 2 9337 3600         E: [email protected]




There are many pathways to health and wellbeing. Understanding this and having a willingness to take the time to explore various paths contributes to wellbeing. Gaining knowledge, skills and direction provides the access to personal wellbeing. In line with our purpose to enhance health and wellbeing we provide whole person education, programmes and services to the public and to health care practitioners. We also have an active research programme devoted to determining the evidence-base for integrative therapies.


Our main provision for whole person education is through our Courses. We also hold lectures and seminars from time to time. The people who lead our courses are carefully selected for their expertise and educational skills. They are from the disciplines of Medicine, Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Psychology, Nutrition, Science and Yoga.




The Quest for Life Foundation was established in 1990 by Petrea King to further her work. Since her recovery from leukaemia in 1984, Petrea has devoted her life to counseling people, facilitating support groups, running residential programs and lecturing widely on health and healing. Up until 1995 the Quest for Life Foundation was based in Crows Nest, Sydney. In June 1995, Petrea and the work of Quest for Life moved to Bundanoon in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW.


In 1998, generous benefactors made it possible for the Quest for Life Foundation to purchase an 103 year-old guest house in Bundanoon and after undergoing major refurbishments the Quest for Life Centre opened in May 1999. The Quest for Life Centre, set in 9 tree filled acres, provides an oasis for time out and an ideal environment for reflection, healing and the learning of new and valuable life skills.


The Quest for Life Foundation provides a range of residential programs and services that encourage, empower and educate people living with cancer, neurological and other serious illnesses, or who are suffering from grief, stress or trauma and for those who care for them.


The NSW Health Department supports the programs by providing an annual grant to subsidize places for people on low incomes. Further fund raising by Quest also provides limited additional subsidies to enable those in dire financial stress to attend these programs.


Your tax-deductible donation or bequest enables the Quest for Life Foundation to continue and expand its services. Please consider making either a donation or a bequest so that the valuable work of the Centre can continue to make a positive difference in peoples lives.







ACNEM is a post-graduate medical college established in the early 1980s. It is independent of all governments, government agencies and other organizations and relies on no other body for funding. It is a non-profit organization, funded from membership fees, subscriptions, courses and other programs, book sales and donations. The College is set up as an incorporated association.

Full Membership is open to all registered medical doctors. Associate membership is available to registered health providers with tertiary degrees, such as pharmacists, chiropractors, psychologists and registered nurses.

Educational Programs The College conducts post-graduate Courses and workshops for medical doctors in the application of the principles of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine. The intensive, residential course can be taken in isolation or as an entry into the Colleges Fellowship Program.
ACNEM also convenes public meetings at which medical nutritional experts speak on all aspects of nutritional medicine.

For further information: Contact             61 3 9597-0363       W:




Australia’s premier Integrative Medical facility, combining Complementary Medicines/Therapies and Conventional Medicine in the areas of EDUCATION, RESEARCH and PRACTICE.

The Institute provides accredited courses in Integrative Medicine to health care practitioners and the public. Short Courses, Certificates, Post-Graduate Diploma and Masters available on line at the Institute soon.


Contact: Professor Avni Sali, NIIM – 759 Burwood Road, HAWTHORN EAST VICTORIA 3123

Tel: 61 3 9804-0646       Web:




Complementary Medicine at RMIT Life Sciences conducts teaching and research in important health care modalities that contribute to the health and welfare of the community. The Department has three specialist Units – Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic and Osteopathy. Teaching clinics offering each type of treatment are open to the public. RMIT has launched an on-line Master of Wellness Program.


The Master of Wellness which includes a nested Graduate Certificate and Graduate Diploma, will offer postgraduate pathways for people wishing to develop skills in health enhancement, nutrition, fitness, manual therapies, counseling, conventional and complementary medicine as well as management and business practices.






The Art of Healing is a media organisation which provides information that informs and educates readers about health and healing alternatives. A print magazine is produced quarterly which is distributed to newsagencies throughout Australia. Subscriptions are also available in print and digital formats. Our aim is to deliver reliable information on how to attain and sustain wellness, using the most natural means possible and incorporating the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, social and environmental aspects of wellbeing. The Art of Healing thereby supports a holistic approach to wellbeing with a focus on the individual, and provides solutions that assist people to lead more responsible, conscious, and mindful lives on planet earth. The Art of Healing sees integrative medicine and complementary healthcare as the way of the future.