MBA withdraw proposed guidelines for IM doctors

MBA withdraw proposed guidelines for IM doctors

Earlier today the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) announced that they would not be introducing a separate set of guidelines for doctors who practice complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments.

As many of you will remember in 2019 the MBA proposed introducing additional guidelines for, among others, integrative doctors.  These guidelines would have impacted on our work and our patients’ choices.  AIMA led a coalition of organisations and individuals who came together to articulate our community’s response to these proposed changes.

During the public consultation we received overwhelming support from doctors, practitioners and patients who all rallied to make submissions to the MBA. In all, over 13,000 of you chose to have your voices heard.  This incredible community response was key to ensuring that the MBA interrogated the rationale and reasoning behind the proposed regulatory changes.

Thank you to all – individuals and organisations – who submitted responses to the consultation.  Your input was vital to this success.

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