MBA Public Consultation resources

Submissions to the MBA consultation on introducing new guidelines for doctors who practice ‘complementary and unconventional medicine and emerging treatments’ close on June 30.  We encourage you to make a submission to the MBA as part of this public consultation.

Over the past couple of months AIMA has been posting a range of information and resources about the public consultation.  Following is a list of links to make it easier for you to find this information.


AIMA Submission to the Public consultation

You can read the AIMA Submission at link

Information for patients

Downloadable flyer for patients link

General information for patients link

Political Advocacy

List of health ministers link

Submissions made by other organisations

Submission from the Australian Integrative Psychiatry Interest Group link

Submission from NICM Health Research Institute link

Submission from ACNEM link

Our thoughts on the MBA public consultation

Why you need to make a response to the MBA link

Answering the questions the MBA asks in their preamble link

Letter to the MBA asking them to withdraw the proposed guidelines link

Notice of MBA’s response to our request to withdraw the proposed guidelines link

AIMA president, Dr Penny Caldicott talking on the MBA Consultation (March) link

Drs Penny Caldicott and Christabelle Yeoh speaking on the MBA Consultation link

MBA Public consultation document

You can view the MBA public consultation at link