Membership Benefits

Joining AIMA makes you eligible for a raft of terrific benefits. These include:

Free subscription to our Monthly AIMA e-Newsletter
Keep up to date with the latest news, industry updates, events, research, job listings and issues relevant to integrative medicine practitioners. Click here to sign up now!

Discounted tickets to AIMA Events
Members have access to discounted tickets to the AIMA Conference, which is held annually in Auckland, NZ. This two-day conference is the leading event for the NZ and Australian integrative medicine community, offering attendees the opportunity to learn the latest in the field from highly acclaimed national and international speakers as well as to meet and socialise with like-minded practitioners.  This event is a ‘must-do’ on the calendar. Additionally, AIMA members have access to other AIMA special events including online webinars and workshops as well as discounts to AIMA partner events.

Certificate of Membership – on request
On joining, you may request an AIMA member’s certificate indicating your commitment to integrative medicine and its sustainable model of healthcare.  For practitioners, this visual representation indicates to their patients that they are part of a bigger picture working towards optimal health and wellbeing through combining the best of conventional western medicine with evidence-based complementary medicine and therapies.

Networking and Support
AIMA recognises the vital role of collegiality in the healthcare professions. AIMA provides the opportunities for like-minded professionals to come out of isolation, meet, network and learn from each other in collaborative settings. Our events (meetings, conferences, online webinars), social media pages and regular e-communications will put you in touch with other like-minded practitioners. These opportunities stimulate a sense of belonging and shared goals as well as providing support and opportunities to learn from others.  In short, we help you to “find your people”.

  • Check out our Facebook pages: NZ , Australia.
  • Find us on LinkedIn here
  • Check out our Auckland Monthly Meetings here

Have your say
Have a voice, be heard and give back to the integrative medicine community.  We welcome input from our members to come up with ways to foster better communication between practitioners and overcome the obstacles that we are faced with as health care professionals.  You can be involved in helping create the tools that will allow us to operate more effectively and productively. Have your say and help shape the future of integrative medicine! Benefit from the power of a collective voice advocating the goals of integrative medicine with key stakeholders including governments, bureaucracies, media, like-minded organisations and other thought leaders in the health sector.

One year’s free subscription to our peer-reviewed journal, Advances in Integrative Medicine
Advances in Integrative Medicine (AIMED) is an international peer-reviewed, evidence-based research and review journal that is multi-disciplinary within the fields of Integrative and Complementary Medicine. The journal focuses on rigorous quantitative and qualitative research including systematic reviews, clinical trials and surveys, whilst also welcoming medical hypotheses and clinically-relevant articles and case studies disclosing practical learning tools for the consulting practitioner. Usually $395, as an AIMA member you will enjoy one year’s subscription (4 issues) free of charge.

Education and professional development
As an AIMA member, you will be able to login to the members-only portal and select from a variety of online resources and educational content. Whether it’s a webinar or workshop or recordings from our wonderful AIMA Conference, there is plenty of informative and engaging content to chose from. Additionally, AIMA is in the process of developing an interprofessional communications module to improve communications between doctors and other practitioners, to promote patient safety, and to build strong integrated care teams. Watch this space!


Membership support has enabled us to make some real progress towards our long-term aims. We are proud to have achieved the following:

  • establishing an education committee which is developing a defined, supported and mentored pathway for IM doctors
  • initiating a research project to capture the consumer voice in IM
  • forming an advocacy committee to better support IM doctors and advocate for integrative medicine
  • developing a suite of resources to facilitate doctors and allied and complementary practitioners working effectively together
  • running meetups, interactive workshops and an annual conference
  • building a new website to better service our community

Interested? Join today!