Mission Statement

To act as the peak medical body promoting the practice of evidence-based integrative medicine, research and education as the gold standard for optimizing wellbeing, prevention and management of disease in Australasian health care systems.


Since its inception in 1992, AIMA has grown to be the leading voice for integrative practitioners. AIMA’s membership and successful events, including the International Holistic Health Conference, have helped promote the growing body of research and provide education about complementary medicines and therapies.


AIMA has forged relationships with key organisations such as the RACGP – through the AIMA/RACGP Joint Working Party, TGA and AMA as well as other professional bodies with an interest in integrative therapies.   Currently AIMA has a special Joint Working Party with the RACGP (Royal Australian College of General Practitioners). AIMA works collaboratively with other associations such as the Australian College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM) in a spirit of mutual support.



AIMA works with medical practitioners, medical students and complementary therapists to:


- Promote the practice of evidence based integrative medicine

- Act as a peak peer body for medical practitioners

- Maintain the role of the medical practitioner as the primary care provider whilst working in a multidisciplinary team of other health providers

- Collect and circulate research and other information relating to the mainstream and complementary medicine profession to members

- Encourage the practice of ethical non-pharmaceutical approaches when appropriate

- Act as an advisory body to government and medical bodies in the formation of policies relating to integrative medicine

- Promote improvements or changes in the law relating to medical practice where appropriate

- Provides support for Medical Student Associations with an interest in Integrative Medicine.


Core Values

To encourage a holistic attitude amongst doctors and medical students and enhance skills in whole person medicine.

To encourage the ‘wellness’ paradigm amongst medical practitioners by fostering an attitude of Prevention and Health Promotion as a fundamental cornerstone in primary care.

To foster an attitude of respect for the rights of patients to exercise choice, and ownership of their treatment and management, and doing so with the giving of proper information, both mainstream and complementary to assist patients with their decision towards consent or refusal of specific treatments.



Articles of Association

To read the AIMA’s Constitution, click HERE