Open Letter to the ministers of health – Aus & NZ

Open Letter to the ministers of health - Aus & NZ



AIMA and ACNEM have joined together to write an open letter to all of the ministers of health in Australia and New Zealand to offer our unique medical expertise.  We are calling on all integrative doctors to support and sign this letter.

COVID-19 has exposed much about our society and in particular our health system.  People in our countries are worried and distressed. While following the general advice to protect themselves in the current pandemic they are confused about whether there is anything else they can do to support immunity and build resilience to Covid-19 and other viruses.  This level of anxiety signals a failure in many domains.

There has been more than a reluctance to subjectively examine the evidence for simple low risk interventions, such as supplementation of vitamin D3 and zinc.  As integrative medicine practitioners we follow the evidence-based medicine triad of 1) the best external evidence, 2) individual practitioner’s clinical expertise, and 3) patients’ preference. We are educated and experienced at interpreting a wide evidence base and working with each patient to individualise their care.  We have the experience to help guide our governments and policy makers to interpret the evidence and to implement simple, cost-effective strategies to broadly support community immunity.

This open letter asks our governments to utilise our unique expertise and to embed integrative medicine practises into our national health policies.  It is the start of a broader strategy that will inform government, media and community.

Please join us in signing this important letter by 11th September 2020. The more signatures the more collective traction we will generate. Now is the time for an integrative approach.

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