Opportunity to contribute to medicinal cannabis research

Over the last few months, researchers at the University of Sydney have conducted a number of interviews with health professionals, policy regulators, suppliers and manufacturers, and researchers in both Australia and Canada to hear their professional views and experiences regarding medicinal cannabis use in the management of chronic pain.

The next step of their research involves bringing key stakeholders including Integrative Medicine Practitioners together for an online focus group to discuss some of the key themes that have emerged.

 The aim of the focus group session is to:

  • obtain key stakeholder input on the advantages and disadvantages of medicinal cannabis use by people living with chronic pain
  • discuss the key issues that were raised during the interview phase of the study which they think would benefit from further discussion between stakeholders representing a variety of healthcare sectors. Some of these issues include viewpoints on:
    • safety, quality and appropriate use of medicinal cannabis for chronic pain
    • access to information and training for all stakeholders
    • availability of evidence-based information for clinicians and patients to make informed decisions
    • points of difference in the translation of policy to practice

They have proposed the following dates and times for the focus group. If you are interested, please nominate your availability and preference by emailing [email protected].

Dates:  Monday 23rd August  @ 5 pm or 6pm or 7pm (ONLINE)

Times: Tuesday 24th August @ 5 pm or 6pm or 7pm (ONLINE)

Should you be interested, please review the Participant Information Statement and Consent form which need to be completed and returned by email to [email protected].Please note that they expect the focus groups to last approx. 1- 1 ½ hours and not 3 hours as stated in the PIS. Your viewpoints, expertise and time are deeply valued.