Abide by the Hippocratic dictum of “first do no harm”.


Respect for patient’s autonomy and participatory role in the healing process.


Serve our patients and the community with a focus on prevention and health promotion.


Encourage a holistic and collaborative attitude amongst doctors and health care professionals.


Uphold the World Health Organization mandate for optimal health to be inclusive of physical, social, psychological, emotional and spiritual well being.


Maintain the role of the medical practitioner as the primary care provider whilst working in a multidisciplinary team of other health providers.


Promote models of health care which attend to a person’s experience of illness, as well as their symptoms of disease via ethical, natural and wherever possible, evidence-based therapies.


To be guided by the Declaration of Helsinki (of World Health Organization) that maintains: that a physician must be free to use the most appropriate treatment if in his or her judgement it will result in the alleviation of suffering or the restoration of health or saving the life of a patient.