Precision Health Professional Development For Integrative Medicine and Health Professionals

AIMA has partnered with the Precision Health Alliance to provide essential, foundational and advanced professional development for our incredible membership and community of health professionals.

Precision health is a mandatory consideration for best patient outcomes, and the comprehensive support that PHA are providing will be a powerful platform for you as a practitioner to understand the elements that are critical to precision health and medicine.

There are 2 key pathways of learning as part of the partnership:

  1. LEARN ABOUT PRECISION HEALTH – The 12 month Precision Health Professional Development Course – learn about the various drivers of precision health, from the theory, to interventions and the cases – each month be provided a new webinar focussing on a new topic below PLUS shorter information sessions (10-15min) that provide essential guides to the science that needs to be considered for the practice of precision health
  2. IMPLEMENT PRECISION HEALTH IN PRACTICE – The PHA Level 1 Course – the leading course in the application of precision lifestyle medicine. This is a perfect complement to your current training and provide you the education and familiarisation with precision health technology to introduce them into practice.

Watch the video below for an overview of each of the options or read below for more information.


If you want to learn more about precision health, you can join the 12-month Precision Health Professional Development Course. It covers various topics each month to help you understand things like personalised nutrition, fitness, mental health, and more. Each month, you’ll get a webinar on a different topic, plus, you’ll have access to short on-demand episodes to deepen your understanding of each subject.

The webinars, in order of delivery, are: 

  1. Personalised Nutrition – One Man’s Cure is Another Man’s Poison
  2. Precision Fitness – Treating & Training Your Unique Body
  3. Evolving Minds – an Insight into Your Client’s Unique Mind
  4. Lifestyle Medicine – Evidence-based Prevention & Treatment for Reversible Diseases
  5. Mental Health – a Personalised Approach
  6. Sleep Medicine – Health Hygiene & Routines
  7. Mastering Stress – Management for the 3 Phases of Stress
  8. Love as Medicine – Rebalancing Hormones for Health
  9. Personalised Learning – Feeding Our Unique Biology & Psychology
  10. Brain Health – Quantifying Unique Brains Trends & Trends
  11. Epigenetics – the Science of Environment & Lifestyle
  12. The Science of Happiness – Quantifying Genius Purpose & Flow

Additional On-Demand Short Episodes (10-20 minutes each) include: 
Mini Series 1:

  • What is personalised health?
  • Why personalised health is important?
  • What makes a person different? The components of precision health
  • HealthTypes: The first step to comprehensive precision health – Parts I and II: Advanced Phenotyping for more precise understanding
  • How to Assess Individual Differences with Precision Health Technology
  • Precision Nutrition overview
  • Precision Exercise overview
  • Engaging with clients – Part I and II: Precision Coaching

Mini-series 2 and 3:

  • Introduction to the 15 sciences of precision health
  • The physiology of stress in different individuals
  • Obesity and individual differences
  • Precision Health and Type 2 Diabetes
  • Precision Health and CVD
  • Mindfulness
  • Anthropometry: Tracking change the underlying processes genetics and whole body assessments
  • Anthropometry: Embryology, Endocrinology, Phenotypology

Normally – AU$1497

AIMA Price – AU$997

AIMA Introductory Special (limited time) – AU$897

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PHA Level 1 course is designed for all medical, allied and natural medicine practitioners to understand the core principles of precision health, advanced phenotype and implementation into practice.

Run by leading professionals in the field, the course is the initial and essential learning to understand the use and outputs of leading precision health technologies incorporating machine learning and AI for more accurate, holistic and expedient care.

In the course, you’ll learn about:

  • Precision Health basics
  • Genetics and how they affect health
  • Anthropometry, which is measuring the body
  • Chronobiology, which is how the body’s rhythms affect health
  • Personalised approaches to nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and coaching
  • How to use precision health technology in your work

Key outcomes of the PHA level 1 course:

  • Deeper understanding of clients’ unique physiology, biology, and behavioural predispositions.
  • Skills in non-invasive assessment of clients’ phenotypes.
  • Development of individualised lifestyle plans and coaching services.
  • Confidence in using personalised and precision health technology daily.
  • Achieving Level 1 Coach Status and Licence options.

Participation in the course is accompanied by significant support from the PHA team and the expansive network of professionals focussed in Australia, New Zealand, Asia, the US and UK.

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Normally – US$997

AIMA Price – AU$697

AIMA Introductory Special (limited time) – AU$597

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it apply to AIMA members?

The core principles taught in this course are essential to appropriate intervention for the patient through a greater understanding of the individual patients’ biological make up

Benefits of being part of the professional network of PHA:

PHA has a large network of health coaches and allied health professionals who are well placed to support AIMA members with the behavioural change aspect of treatment after the  initial diagnosis and their health plan has been created.

This allows easier and more consistent transfer of relevant patient information in relation to lifestyle medicine and greater continuity between medical/allied practitioners and fitness/wellness professionals supporting in a coaching capacity

Is there support after the course?

PHA is dedicated to the ongoing professional development of AIMA members and health professionals globally.

Following the PHA Level 1 course, they offer the PHA level 2 (international certificate in health and wellness coaching with a specialty in Precision Health), PHA Level 3: profession specific education that advances the use of phenotype in optimising treatment in conjunction with precision health technologies

In addition, the community offers to those who completed the Level 1 course (a combination of paid and free): 

  • Weekly case studies and live questions by lead facilitators
  • Ongoing PD in the form of weekly sessions in varying topics from medicine, mind, food and exercise
  • Ongoing precision medicine talks and case studies with world leading practitioners (monthly)
  • An online annual conference that presents experts and how they apply precision health in practice
  • 12 month mentoring programs to develop personal, professional and purposeful aspects of the you as an individual
  • In person weekends and workshops that support better application of precision health and behaviour change strategies accounting for the individual.

When are the course dates?

3 courses run each year

Fully online – hybrid delivery

See the dates on the website – CLICK HERE

Each course is 8 weeks from start to finish and contain 4 phases

Phase 1 – Self paced learning – 2 weeks (longer if registered earlier)

Phase 2 – Live Weekend – 2 x full day workshops online

Phase 3 – Implementation – incorporates a free expert facilitated 5-10 day experience for participants and their clients to see the technology and principles in action

Phase 4 – Integration – learn how to implement, and enhance behaviour change in individuals to support best and more sustainable change