We need your input into our interprofessional communication module

Over the past three years the AIMA Interprofessional Communciation Working Group have been compiling a resource of letter templates and rationale to aid and improve communication between doctors and naturopaths (and other practitioners).  From the resource AIMA is developing an education module for naturopaths.  On completion of the module naturopaths who are accredited members of professional associations registered with the World Naturopathic Federation will be able to be listed on AIMA’s practitioner listing.  Not only will the public be able to search this database but doctors will be able to use it as a resource to find suitably qualified naturopaths to work with.


To ensure that these resources are relevant and that we create the best possible education module we need the input of doctors, naturopaths, and other health professionals.  We are calling on members of the medical community to read this resource and complete a survey.


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