Following is a list of resources AIMA has compiled to assist you if you are undergoing a regulatory investigation for practising Integrative Medicine.  We also have a list of peer mentors who are available to support you through the process – these are all doctors who have undergone a regulatory process themselves – and a list of independent lawyers who are friendly to IM.  Please contact [email protected] if you’d like a referral to either of these services.


What to do if you receive a regulatory investigation

What to do if you receive a regulatory investigation

Introduction to AIMA advocacy committee incl call out for mentors


Integrative Medicine: Legal issues

Integrative medicine and the Law

Referrals to complementary medicine practitioners: ethical and legal issues


Best Practice for IM

Best Practice for IM in Australian Medical Practice

Integrative medicine: more than the promotion of unproven treatments

AIMA RACGP joint position statement on complementary medicine


If your notification shows a lack of understanding about what Evidence Based Medicine is

The illusion of evidence based medicine

What is evidence based medicine (BMJ article)

What is evidence based practice

Complementary medicine products: interpreting the evidence base

Evidence based medicine in traditional and complementary medicine

Strengthening the evidence base for complementary and traditional medicines

NB These resources do not constitute legal advice.  We strongly recommend you seek independent counsel.