AIMA Webinar: Treating Aging: why, how, and when with Pharmacist Greg Macpherson

AIMA Webinar: Treating Aging: why, how, and when with Pharmacist Greg Macpherson

Unfortunately, our September AIMA Auckland Monthly Meeting won’t be able to take place in person due to likely lockdown restrictions – but – the good news is….we are taking it online, and everyone’s welcome to join!

Join us as Pharmacist Greg Macpherson presents… Treating Aging: why, how, and when 

Greg will talk about why he believes treating aging is becoming a major focus for health professionals.  He will discuss some of the new tools available to us today as health practitioners.  This includes discussion around a specific focus on 2-Hoba, a new class of supplement that prevents damage from isolevuglandins and their downstream effects on autoimmune activation and senolytics as a new tool to reduce the inflammatory burden associated with advancing age. Join us to discuss this important topic.

Date:     Wednesday 22 September 2021
Time:      5:30-6:30 AEST or 7:30-8:30 NZST
Tickets:  $15 AIMA Members, $25 Non-members, Students $10

Tickets must be pre-booked.  Zoom connection details will appear in the ticket confirmation email.

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About Greg Macpherson
Greg Macpherson is a pharmacist and founder of SRW Laboratories (, a premium nutraceutical company that exports predominantly to China and the USA. Greg founded Pharmacy Direct – one of NZ’s first online pharmacies, Pharmacy One – a leading provider of dispensing services to the residential care industry, MPS – NZ’s first registered robotic dispensing laboratory and was previously the CEO of MitoQ Ltd, an NZ based biotech company tasked with commercializing a novel mitochondria targeted antioxidant developed at Otago University.  Greg recently authored Harnessing the “9 Hallmarks of Aging – to live your healthiest life” – a book that translates the latest thinking on aging at a cellular level for consumers with actionable insights for a healthy aging strategy.