Sponsorship statement.


AIMA relies on sponsorships from individuals and organisations to support our mission and work. 


Sponsorship comes in several forms including:


* sponsorships tied to specific events

* ‘major sponsorship’ which supports the ongoing organisational work of AIMA

* in-kind support promoting AIMA’s mission and events


Retaining AIMA’s independence is of paramount importance.  Sponsorship of AIMA categorically excludes advocating for or endorsing any company, product or service.  All of our sponsors sign an agreement which explicitly outlines this.


Further, sponsors acknowledge that they are expected to comply with all relevant legislation and industry and health professional codes of conduct and to involve only evidence-informed practice and products.


AIMA publicly declares sponsorships on all marketing and promotional material and on our website.


Sponsorships are negotiated for maximum terms of one year to ensure that there is still an alignment of values between AIMA and the sponsor.