Call for mentors to support doctors through regulatory notifications   Integrative doctors can face unique challenges when involved in regulatory notifications.  Integrative medicine and the science behind our mode of practice is not necessarily well understood by regulatory authorities or the doctors who they engage as peer assessors.  This means that notifications pertaining to IM doctors may be escalated unfairly due to lack of understanding and ideological differences.   AIMA, as the peak body for IM in Australia and New Zealand needs your help.  We are working to create resources to support doctors going through notification processes.  As this is a very isolating and stressful time we are calling for doctors who have undergone processes themselves to volunteer as mentors for those currently under review.  Being able to talk to someone who has undergone a process themselves would be a wonderful support for doctors in this stressful situation.   To learn more you can watch this short video from Dr Sandeep Gupta Leader of the AIMA Legal Advocacy Committee   <a href=""></a>   If you’d like to volunteer to as a mentor please contact AIMA General Manager Cressida Hall at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a>.   If being a mentor is not for you there are other ways you can help:   <ul> <li>You can put your name on our list of peer reviewers/assessors.  This list is a resource to be able to recommend appropriately experienced doctors to sit on notification panels. (Email [email protected])</li> <li>You can apply for vacancies on the various regulatory and medical boards as they arise, we usually list these in the AIMA newsletter.</li> </ul>   Together we can work to change the system – to make it fairer and more representative for IM doctors.
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